Solar Panels

90 Solar Panels on the Squash Court Roof

Our very own PV Solar Power Roof Garden generating 49.5kw, is operational on the roof of the Squash Courts. We are all aware of the massive increases in energy costs for which we get no relief, even as a not-for-profit sports club. We plan to maximise the opportunity this development has given us

We haven’t gone for battery storage, as the numbers didn’t add up. However, the installation allows for battery storage as an option in the future when the numbers do add up. In addition, we are actively considering Electric Vehicle charging as an income stream. We negotiated extras as part of the price, 3-phase Solar Edge 50kW Inverter with Integrated Panel Optimisers (when one panel goes down, we only lose that panel), and a Hot Water Immersion Diverter for Squash as part of futureproofing when gas prices rise in April 2024.

These two investments will have a substantial reduction in our unit power consumption. Both investments are on the button regarding the Trafford Carbon Neutral Plan. The panels are controlled through an App.

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