Club Access and Preferential Prices on Alcoholic Drinks

New Bowdon Club Card


The card replaces the “White Card” and has several purposes.

For gaining entry to the club where we are fitting “Tap In” Pads, planned for 7th April 2022

Also, it gains access to the Squash Courts for those members who play or wish to play Squash or Racketball.

The card identifies the holder as a member of the Bowdon Club, if over 18, can purchase alcoholic drinks at preferential prices.

Now available to under 18’s with their Parent, Guardian or Carer consent. The new card allows Parents, Guardians or Carers to load money onto the account. Of course, these cards are barred from purchasing alcoholic drinks.

You must be up to date with your subscription via the Go Cardless system.

See the FAQ list below

There has been a great up take in the Bowdon Card but some members have not picked up their card from the club.

We are asking you to pick up to save your money but if this causes a problem email We will post it to you, but make sure to confirm your address details.

Social Membership qualifies for the New Bowdon Club Card – Membership costs as low as £40.00 a year
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It identifies the holder as a member of the Bowdon Club who can purchase alcoholic drinks at preferential prices. Also, it allows acess to the Squash Courts and other areas controlled by “Tap In” keypads.

Yes, all except Bonfire Night and other events which are not managed by the club such as Bowdonbury.

You can pay by cash, credit or debit card. Also, you can load your card account with money to pay for drinks and snacks.

Come along to the bar and present some identification a credit or debit card will do, and your card can be collected. Some hockey players will receive the card from their Captain or Manager.

They are free and available to all members who are over 18 or have permission form their Parent, Carer or Guardian. You must be up to date with your subscription via the Go Cardless system.

A. We are a Members’ Club, and we are trying to ensure that all regular users of our facilities are members. We recognise that this change will affect some people who have been using the Club but who have never joined us.

B. We want to encourage these people to join us as social members at the cost of £40 per year.

C. We want to encourage the move to cashless transactions, the loading of the Bowdon Club

D. We also have to ensure that only 18 plus-year-old members purchase alcoholic drinks.

There is an approximate discount of 10%, due to rounding this will vary slightly.

You will need to bring your new card to the club whenever you visit and hand it to the bar staff when you make a purchase. They will swipe the card and – if your Membership is valid and current – you will pay member prices. The new till system recognises the swipe card as an account holder.

You can pay by cash, debit or credit card. Credit to your club card account, debit or credit card over the bar. We will accept cash but would prefer that members pay by credit or debit card. The cost of banking cash continues to increase and there is an obvious security risk.

We plan to introduce an Internet Net Portal in due course so that you can add to your account through an Internet bank payment.

Regrettably, as tabs have become increasingly tricky to administer, we are unable to offer this facility.

If you lose your card, please email explaining what has happened, and we will issue a new card. The card will be available behind the bar and you will be notified by email when it is ready. The club reserve the right to charged £5.00 for the cost of eplacement.

We are sorry, but you will have to pay non-member prices. The bar staff are unable to override the till system.

You will be offered a till receipt which will detail your purchases. If you wish to leave a tip, then ask the bar staff to add this to your transaction. If you have chosen to have credit on your account then the till receipt will show any remaining credit. Please note that member accounts do not have an overdraft facility.

It holds a record of your purchases and information transferred from the club membership database.

If you resign from the Club, then any balance will be credited to your bank account if you email with your name, and bank account sort code and account number.

It may have been disabled. Your card will only work if you are a fully paid-up member of the Club. Please contact the office to resolve this issue. If the card is faulty, then the Club will credit the difference between the member and non-member price and issue a replacement card free of charge.

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